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We’re here to improve your bottom line

We’re here to improve your bottom line

Our consultants specialize in training and implementing the Lean Business Delivery System, which can result in 90% throughput time reductions and increased output while maintaining or reducing labor content.

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We help industries including Service, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Government

We help industries including Service, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Government

Since 1997, B.I.G. has been helping our clients become “distinct” manufacturers and service companies possessing a successful track record, embracing continuous improvement, constantly striving to eliminate waste in their processes and driving toward world class premier businesses.

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Get meaningful benefits from our "Lean" approach

Get meaningful benefits from our "Lean" approach

This approach provides a standardized and systematic method to analyze and document improvements in a broad range of environments.

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Training Services

Courses and product seminars taught worldwide.

Lean Fundamentals

Lean Practitioner Implementation

Change Management

Conducting Kaizen Events

Total Quality Management

Lean Fundamentals

A collection of training seminars offering a broad-based overview of lean manufacturing and lean thinking fundamentals on a variety of topics beginning with video comparisons of batch to one-piece flow environments, lean industrial and process engineering analysis, standard work, job standardization, typical results of lean implementations and videos of world class operations.

Lean Practitioner Training Implementation

This course trains a selected group of individuals on a company team how to implement a lean manufacturing line.

Change Management

Two courses including the Myers Briggs Personality Styles class that explores personality types and styles and their impact on teams, change and lean implementations. Then, how to run effective meetings including parts of a meeting, roles for a meeting, conflict management, SPACER and scheduling.

How to Conduct Kaizen Events

One-day overview training geared to a specific opportunity for improvement. Team makes a presentation to the Senior Leadership Team the morning of the last day of the event showing accomplishments and any actions (not more than 2 or 3) that must be completed within a one week period. These events are great for some admin type processes, setup reductions, mistake proofing, Five S, TPM etc.

Total Quality Management Training

Students bring with them a real life problem at the workplace. Students learn to work together to solve problems and hold meetings. Themes are act of fact; data driven management, Root cause analysis.

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