Total Quality Management Training

Total Quality Management (TQM) Training

Students bring with them a real life problem at the workplace. Students learn to work together to solve problems and hold meetings. Themes are act of fact; data driven management, Root cause analysis.

Who should attend? Cross functional teams including operators

Purpose: Show teams how to work together to solve real-life problems

Benefit: Based on problems and team selected as well as management support and mentoring of team.

Course Content: Total Quality Tools, Six Sigma Tools Overview, How to Brainstorm, Affinity Tool. How to run effective meetings, empowerment, decision making, problem solving, goal deployment, SPC overview, team building, RCCA, Myers Briggs, styles analysis, ROI analysis, Importance of video taping in problem solving, process mapping, common cause vs. special cause variation. Take home: memory jogger

Course Length: Varies typically one week of training followed by six weeks of analyzing and solving real-life problem

Course Fee: TBD Course must be tailored and approved by the company prior to initiation. Course requires Leadership participation and mentoring of team(s).

Max Participants: 24 (four teams of six persons)

Total Company Wide Quality Tools

Review and overview of parrot charts, cost of poor quality, fishbone, flow charts, check sheets, histograms, CPK, SPC, Problem solving, Control Charts, Brainstorming.

Who should attend?: Operators, admin folks, managers

Purpose: Train participants in overview of various TQ tools

Benefits: Participants learn how to problem solve and organize and prioritize decision-making

Course Content: Introduction and practice with TQ tools

Course Length: 1-2 days

Course Fee: TBD Course may be tailored to a company for an additional fee

Max Participants: 30

How to Run Effective Meetings

Parts of a meeting, roles for a meeting, conflict management, SPACER, why do we schedule meetings for ½ hours or hours, why not 23 or 35 minutes?

Purpose: Train people in effective meeting skills

Benefits: Reduced waste in meeting times

Course Length: One half day

Course Content: Training in TQ skills and tools for effective meetings, breakouts

Course Fee: TBD. Course may be tailored to a company for an additional fee.

Max Participants: 30