Change Management

Myers Briggs Type Personality Styles Class

Explores personality types and styles and their impact on teams, change and lean implementations.

Who should attend? – Anyone in the company

Purpose: Explore the value of type. Learning more about yourself and others. How to be a better communicator and leader in your company.

Benefits: Improved communication and team building

Course Length: One half day to 2 days

Course Content: Training in MBTI Styles Analysis. Can be done in a workshop or individual format. Can be combined with leadership training. Is already a part of the three day and five day Lean Seminars.

Course Fee: See Price List. Per person plus expenses. Training room and meals to be furnished by the Client. Course may be tailored to a company for an additional fee.

Participants: 20 minimum to 60 maximum

How to run Effective Meetings

Parts of a meeting, roles for a meeting, conflict management, SPACER, why do we schedule meetings for ½ hours or hours, why not 23 or 35 minutes?

Who should attend?

Purpose: Train people in effective meeting skills

Benefits: Reduced waste in meeting times

Course Length: One half day

Course Content: Training in TQ skills and tools for effective meetings, breakouts

Course Fee: TBD Course may be tailored to a company for an additional fee.

Max Participants: 30