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Business Improvement Group, LLC

Business Improvement Group, LLC (B.I.G.) is a teaching and consulting company who can help transition your company and supply chain from one that drains cash to one that supplies cash. Since 1997, B.I.G. has been helping our clients become “distinct” manufacturers and service companies possessing a successful track record, embracing continuous improvement, constantly striving to eliminate waste in their processes and driving toward world class premier businesses. These implementations are backed by documented case studies and video taped results.

B.I.G. Specializes In:

  • Training a selected client team to design and implement lean thinking; for healthcare, manufacturing, administrative and product development processes.
  • Training and implementing one piece balanced synchronized flow assembly cells, creating high man to machine ratios, mixed model assembly, setup reduction, visual management controls, mistake proofing techniques, Five S, supply chain management, and total quality.
  • Working with companies that manufacture high mix, low mix, high volume and low volume products ranging with annual sales ranging from $700k to Fortune 50 companies. These companies experienced significant improvement in profitability, inventory reduction, cycle time reduction, and quality and growth.



  • 17 years experience training and implementing Lean Thinking across a variety of industries, services and healthcare
  • Client list includes: Amsted Industries, SR Technics, Marquip Ward United, Optimum Card, Teledyne Energy Systems, College of Southern Maryland, Novatec Inc., ETG, Smith Industries, Maryland World Class Manufacturing Consortium, Baltimore Air Coil, Toledo Metal Spinning,  Life Technologies, Sailing Specialties Inc., Ancon Gear, Plymouth Tube, Micro Machining, Diamond Chain, Airpax, Griffin Wheel, Griffin Pipe, American Steel Foundries, Creative Pultrusions,  ConMet, Means, Brenco, Burgess Norton, Qiagen Sciences, Keystone Inc, Lutron. and several other companies.
  • Hospital Experience: Florida Hospital, Williamson Medical Center, ACMH Hospital, Ohio Health System, Kingston General Hospital, Presbyterian Hospital, Methodist Hospital, Shawnee Mission Hospital, Park Ridge Hospital, Johnson & Johnson OCD

Meet The Team

Charlie Protzman

President & CEO

In November of 1997, Charles Protzman formed Business Improvement Group, LLC (B.I.G.). B.I.G. is located in Baltimore, Maryland and specializes in implementing lean thinking principles and the Lean Business Delivery System – LBDS and the BASICS training and problem solving methodology.

Charles has over 27 years experience in Materials and Operations Management. He spent 13 ½ years with AlliedSignal, now Honeywell, where he was an Aerospace Strategic Operations Manager and the first AlliedSignal Lean Master. He has received numerous special-recognition and cost-reduction awards. Charles was an external consultant for DBED’s Maryland Consortium while he was with AlliedSignal. He had input into the resulting World Class Criteria document and assisted in the first three initial DBED World Class Company Assessments. Charles has taught students in Lean Principles and Total Quality from all over the world.

Charles has spent the last 20 years implementing successful lean product line conversions, kaizen events, administrative business system improvements (transactional lean) across the U.S. He is following in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was part of the Civil Communications Section (CCS) of the American Occupation. prior to Deming’s 1950 visit to Japan. C.W. Protzman Sr. surveyed over 70 Japanese Companies in 1948. Starting in late 1948, Homer Sarasohn and C. W. Protzman Sr. taught top executives of prominent Japanese Companies an 8 week course in American Participative Management and Quality techniques in Osaka and Tokyo. Over 5,100 top Japanese executives had taken the course by 1956. Many of the lessons we taught the Japanese in 1948 are now being taught to Americans as “lean principles”. The lean principles had their roots in the U.S. and date back to the early 1700s and later to Taylor, Gilbreth and Henry Ford. The principles were refined and expanded by Shigeo Shingo and Taiichi Ohno at Toyota. Modern day champions, Jim Womack and Dan Jones, are now carrying them on in a book called Lean Thinking and Seeing the Whole.

Charles participated in numerous Benchmarking and Site visits including a two-week trip to Japan in June 1996 where he worked with Hitachi in a kaizen event. He is a Master facilitator and trainer in TQM, Total Quality Speed, Facilitation, Career Development, Change Management, Benchmarking, Leadership, Systems Thinking, High Performance Work Teams, Team Building, Myers Briggs Styles Indicator, Lean Thinking and Supply Chain Management. He also participated in Baldridge Examiner and Six Sigma Management Courses. He was an Assistant Program Manager during “Desert Storm” for the Patriot missile-to-missile fuse development and production program.

Charles has a BA and MBA from Loyola College in Maryland.




Charlie specializes in training and implementation of Lean Thinking Principles through the implementation of the Lean Business Delivery SystemHe is currently a member of SME, SAE, IIE and Association for Psychological Type. He is a charter certified MBTI Instructor (#C10083). He was a past member of APICS, AME Champions Club, and NAPM organizations.

Charlie is also the recipient of the Shingo Prize for Research and Professional Publications for the book: “Leveraging Lean in Healthcare: Transforming Your Enterprise into a High Quality Patient Care Delivery System” and for the balance of the Leveraging Lean in Healthcare series.

One-Piece Flow vs. Batching: A Guide to Understanding How Continuous Flow Maximizes Productivity and Customer Value, Co-Author of the book

Card-Based Control Systems for a Lean Work Design: The Fundamentals of Kanban, ConWIP, POLCA, and COBACABANA, Co-Author of the book

Leveraging Lean in Healthcare: Transforming Your Enterprise into a High Quality Patient Care Delivery System, Co-Author of the book

The Lean Practitioner’s Field Book: Proven, Practical, Profitable and Powerful Techniques for Making Lean Really Work, Co-Author of the book

Leveraging Lean in Outpatient Clinics: Creating a Cost Effective, Standardized, High Quality, Patient-Focused Operation, Co-Author of the book

Leveraging Lean in the Emergency Department: Creating a Cost Effective, Standardized, High Quality, Patient-Focused Operation, Co-Author of the book

The Lean Practitioner’s Field Book Study Guide, Co-Author of the book

Leveraging Lean in Surgical Services: Creating a Cost Effective, Standardized, High Quality, Patient-Focused Operation, Co-Author of the book

Leveraging Lean in Medical Laboratories: Creating a Cost Effective, Standardized, High Quality, Patient-Focused Operation, Co-Author of the book

Leveraging Lean in Ancillary Hospital Services: Creating a Cost Effective, Standardized, High Quality, Patient-Focused Operation, Co-Author of the book

Dan Protzman

Director of Marketing & Customer Solutions

In November of 1997, Business Improvement Group (B.I.G.) was formed in Baltimore, MD and has spent the last 17 years implementing Lean thinking strategies with companies ranging from small machine “job” shops to Fortune 50 companies around the world to include, but not limited to Italy, Holland and China.

My specialties include developing marketing strategy, employee training, recruiting, networking, and client relationships. My ultimate goal is to provide the most efficient and profitable solutions for our clients. I am also a certified MBTI Practitioner. Business Improvement Group LLC specializes in implementing Lean Thinking / Continuous Improvement for manufacturing, healthcare, government and service industries. We are up for any challenge, in any field, and will work with you to create a Lean and profitable environment.


One Piece Flow vs Batching, Co-Author

Shop Floor Management for Supervisors and Managers: How to Improve Your Profitability by Embedding a Lean Management System into Your Organization, Co-Author

The Foundations of Lean Management: A History of the Civil Communication Section and Japanese Management, Co-Author

Mike Meyers

Managing Partner Business Improvement Group

Mike is currently the acting plant manager at Wolverine for the last 18 months. Mike Meyers has over 25 years of manufacturing experience filling a variety of leadership roles. For 17 years, Mike worked at Donnelly Corporation where he focused on mastering and implementing the Donnelly Production System (DPS) company-wide.  The DPS system is a lean philosophy modeled after the Toyota Production System.  Starting as a Production Supervisor and being promoted to positions of Manufacturing Manager, Operations Manager and Plant Manager, Mike developed his skills for continuous improvement through a combination of comprehensive training sessions and shop floor experiences.  He used these techniques and his distinct ability to work with teams to drive change and successfully turn around non-performing plants.  Mike managed the benchmark production plant at Donnelly based on successful implementation of Lean Systems.  Mike also supervised the start-up and expansion of a “Greenfield” facility while managing multiple consecutive and concurrent major models launches.  During this period, plants he managed were awarded Toyota’s coveted “Most Improved Supplier of the Year” award based on implementation of Lean Systems and were the subject of a worldwide benchmarking tour looking for Lean best practices by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

Assist companies in assessing and closing gaps between baseline and world class standards.

Our Vision

To be a premier, results oriented, hands-on consulting company with a heavy focus on training, implementation, and initiative integration in pursuit of World Class standards.